Can a 52-yr-old woman get pregnant naturally?

March 14th, 2011

Can I get pregnant at the age of 52? If I don’t use any special in vitro process, am I free from that worry (I don’t want a baby…I’m just wondering if I can forgo birth control…within a committed relationship…there’s no chance of STDs…that’s not the worry…I’m just wondering about fertility…

I still get periods, but I thought I read that a woman doesn’t release an egg, when she reaches this age…


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7 Responses to “Can a 52-yr-old woman get pregnant naturally?”

  1. Mrs. E

    As long as you’re having your period, you’re releasing eggs and are fertile.

  2. Erica Lynn

    If you’re having periods, you can still become pregnant. The odds of getting pregnant decreases and the odds of multiples increases after the age of 35. It’s when you enter menopause that you can no longer become pregnant at all. Periods and ovulation will stop at that point. What age you reach that varies woman to woman although it does have a hereditary basis. Your doctor can tell you more about it including signs that you’re entering it.

  3. Due 3.29.10

    You’re probably older than all of us on here so you probably know better than we do but I believe I read somewhere that a 60 yr. old gave birth to twins without fertility treatments. As long as you still have a period you are still fertile.

  4. April

    There’s a slight possibility if the lady hasn’t gone through menopause.

  5. I am Poppy: #2 Due 04/29/10

    Yes … if a woman has not gone into menopause (which is possible in a 52 year old woman) she can get pregnant.

  6. Jenna due with baby#1 3/14/10!

    Yes you can still get pregnant woman at 60 years old get pregnant from sex alone so take precaution. Women who are going through menopause still get pregnant and menopause doesn’t start until you start to reach the unfertile age. Every woman’s different though. Take care good luck.

  7. Aloren

    Its a possibility.. and better to be safe than sorry in general I am sure. As the risks to you and any potential baby are quite high after 40. Perhaps your fella can get a vasectomy? Simple and not to painful.. then neither of you will have to worry. Though be careful still during the first few months an make sure he goes back for his visits.. my fiance had one at 30 and never went back for his sperm count and check up and I ended up pregnant. Though for most people it is vastly effective.

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