If you ovulate does that mean you are fertile?

February 17th, 2011

I don’t know if I am fertile or not but I was wondering that if you ovulate does that mean that you are fertile and can get pregnant or does it matter?

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  1. vicky l


  2. brandiejs1979

    you are most fertile like 2 days before ovulation, once you have ovulated, you are less fertile

  3. naute_girl

    if you are ovulating you are able to get pregnant. Does not mean that you would carry to term.

  4. BrOwN eYeD gUrL 01

    Yes, ovulation is the best time to try & get pregnant if you are attempting to conceive. Ovulation is when you’ve released an egg.

  5. hi06

    Yeah, why do you think when women say “I’m ovulating” to there husbands when they want to get pregnant? because they’re fertile

  6. sunflowerlizard

    Just because you are ovulating, does not mean that you will get pregnant. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, go see an obgyn. They will run some test to see if there are any problems.

  7. Princess Bee

    it doesn’t mean your fertile it means you body can release an egg, but you should have the doctor determine that for you.

  8. call me cute

    ofcourse.this is the first thing doctors check when u r trying to get pregnant.

  9. jachooz

    Everyone’s cycle is different. There is a myth that woman ovulate 14 days after their period begins…but that is only an AVERAGE and each month can be different. The other thing is that sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days…. so if you are having a shortened cycle one month and you have sex right after your period and you ovulate earlier than day 14 than yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant. They only way to know is to know exactly when you ovulate. There are several ways to know and some are more effective than others. Some can only predict before ovulation happens and some can only predict that is has already happened. The absolute best info I can give you is to go read a book called Taking Charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler. It will help you understand your body and all the myths about it. It will help you time when you are ovulating and the best times to conceive – or not! . It’s about knowing your body and knowing when you are fertile or not. You can pick and choose what you do with your info. Good luck and don’t listen the all the myths! Even if you don’t get into charting and everything….it will help you in so many ways!

  10. PrincipessaLHO

    You might ovulate normally but your eggs could be (for lack of a better word) duds.
    Its unfortunate. :-(

    They only way you would know is to get some blood work done that will test certain levels of hormones and such.

    Good luck!

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