when do a pregnant dogs teats start to get milk in them?

March 6th, 2011

I think my dog is pregnant and her teats are dropping but they are showing no signs of milk in them!!

She is only 4 weeks pregnant today.

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7 Responses to “when do a pregnant dogs teats start to get milk in them?”

  1. AJ

    u shouldve got her spayed

  2. sheltiemom

    Usually about a week before they’re due to whelp.

  3. b

    They get milk when the puppies are born, just like in people. Why have milk without anybody to eat. The suckling and rooting fo the pups stimulates the milk production.

  4. Dawgie luver

    Depends on the B.. some will have a clear discharge from apx 6 weeks in others it won’t till 7-8 weeks in. Milk will let down almost instantly after the first pup arrives. It is good to let the pups suckle between births, this produces oxytocin in the brain which creates contractions, creating more milk.

  5. J.C.

    Pregnant dogs usually get milk in their teats once they are a week or less going into labor.

  6. redneckcowgirlmo

    5 to 7 days before whelping. You need to do some serious research before whelping or consider having her spayed. We don’t need anymore unhealthy puppies in this world.

  7. sl_mj1960

    my poms last 2 teats started bagging up about 35 days the others didnt start until about 45 days.they wont show milk just that their dropping.

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