When is the best time to check to see if you are pregnant After how many days of having sex?

July 25th, 2011

When is the best time to check to see if you are pregnant After how many days of having sex? I had my last period on march 2nd… The condom broke on march 20th…. *&* i was suppose to get my period on the 28th of march. It never came. On sunday april 1st i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. That was 14 days after having sex. Could i be pregnant?? How many days after is the best time???

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13 Responses to “When is the best time to check to see if you are pregnant After how many days of having sex?”

  1. newfiegurlie

    Wait til u miss your period. A couple days after is best.
    Test with your morning pee. It’s more concentrated, and will detect the pregnancy hormone better.

  2. Shelia L

    You need to wait at least 2 weeks to do a pregnancy test

  3. Amber

    i found out the day i was suppose to start. Get a test that tells you like 5 days before your first mised period. they are more sensitive thats what i did and im now 16wks. pregnant. If YOU still dont start after a few more negative results go to doc. get some blood work and that will for sure tell you!!!!

  4. ik ben alphabetsoup

    12 days used to be the answer but I think pregnancy tests are more advanced these days. Hmm, sorry I can’t be more help. I would read the pregnancy test box.

  5. REnate

    At least 2 weeks and a month is better

  6. DeeLee

    You could go to the doctor or one of those clinics and have a blood test done.

  7. cowgrl3611

    you usually test after you miss your period.

  8. manda r

    try two weeks after

  9. Casey13

    If your period was due on the 28th March and you took a test on the 1st April then it should be accurate, however sometimes they are not always. My advice would be to do another one first thing in the morning and see what the result is then.
    Some tests are even designed to be used before the day your period is due.

  10. UniQuE

    Wait a couple more days Then retest. Pregnancy tests are 99% accurate if done correctly after the first day of your missed period. If in doubt go get a blood test from your Doctor.

  11. d4cav_dragoons_wife84

    you could test now, but it would be best and more accurate to test the day of your missed period. i tested 4 days before my missed period and got a negative result, but when i tested 2 days before my period first thing in the morning and i got a positive. good luck in what ever results you are looking for.

  12. emmabugg

    wait atleast a week after missing your period.pregnancy tests dont work after so many days of having sex.they work from the date of your missed period.if you miss 2 periods in a row go to the doctor.

  13. kittynala

    If you are late, the test should have been positive if you were pregnant. You could be late because you are stressing. Wait a week and test again, if you still get a negative call your dr and go in to the clinic for a test or a blood test.

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