When you have thick mucus come out your virgina does that mean you are fertile?

February 8th, 2011

i have clear thick like mucus comeing out has no smell what is that and what does that mean?

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4 Responses to “When you have thick mucus come out your virgina does that mean you are fertile?”

  1. pearlmar

    No. It means you have a problem.

  2. Charles Swift

    It means it’s time to go to the VIRGINA doctor. But seriously, see your school nurse. It can’t be embarrassing, since she’s not allowed to tell anyone.

  3. alex

    From my knowledge (which may or may not be correct) the fertile mucus resembles egg whites – and it is stretchy (can stretch like 2 in with out breaking) … yeah, i know it sounds gross to pull apart your mucus but we’re females and we have to stay in tune with our bodies!

  4. BelovedOne725

    Clear, thick mucus CAN be a sign of being in your fertile period, yes, and it’s VAGINA not “virgina” so for God’s sake PLEASE be careful and don’t let any boys near you without protection right now, because the last thing you need at your obviously young age is to get pregnant and have a baby.
    The only time you should REALLY worry about your vaginal discharge is if it smells bad or is a color other than whitish or clear. And if it gets an odd texture — discharge is usually pretty smooth, so if you start looking like you’re collecting cottage cheese down there, GET TO A DOCTOR.
    For now, I think you’re just fine. Just stay away from your boyfriend for a few days, PLEASE.

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